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Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

Product Features

The range of machine is designed to serve as the continuous source of vacuum for heavy industrial use.

Standard Features Incorporated are

Robust & Compact Design

Rigid Tubular Steel Frame to withstand Rough Handling

All steel Construction of Filter Chamber & Dust Collection Chamber

Modification of Vacuum Producer Ranging from Three to Eight Impellers in Series depending upon Vacuum Requirement

Depending upon Vacuum Requirement

Fabric Filter with Manual Shaking Arrangement to Relieve Filter Clogging

Units Driven By TEFC Induction Motors

Electric Overload Protection by means of Automatic Motor Starters


Heavy engineering industries for oil, chip & dust collection

Fertilizer, pharma, power stations, food processing as basic source of vacuum

Continuous Flux recovery system for submerged arc welding processes

Vacuum degassing in foundries to avoid micro porosity in castings

Centralised vacuum systems for collection of both fine & large particles

As Hopper loader for plastic processing industries.

Additional special purpose fittings which can be added to the basic machine include

Cyclone Separator for Fine Dust Collection

Baffle Separator for Wet Collection & Chip Extraction

Special HEPA & Micro Filters for very Fine Filtration Requirements

Flameproof Motors

Technical Specifications

Vaclean-3 Vaclean-6 Vaclean-8
Motor 2 H.P. 3 H.P. 5 H.P.
Voltage 415 V 415 V 415 V
Vacuum Producer 3 Stage 6 Stage 8 Stage
Suction ( mm WG ) 1200 2200 2500
Air Displacement (m3/Hr ) 275 340 375
Capacity ( Litres) 30 30 30
Approx. Weight (Kg) 120 140 160