Scrubbing Machine

Our company offers one of the best Scrubbing and Scarifying Machines to the industry and to the market. Our floor scrubbing machines are also of two types which include Miniscrub and triloscrub. And, we are also well known as scrubbing machines manufacturers and suppliers in India. MINISCRUB & TRILOSCRUB are the most powerful and effective floor scrubbing / scarifying machines for cleaning different types of floors.

MINISCRUB with a working diameter of 18inch is most suitable in areas where there are space limitations such as hotels, hospital, administrative buildings, food processing units, commercial buildings.

TRILOSCRUB is most suitable where the areas are quite large & more space needs to be cleaned in short time. With the Heavy duty & medium duty Brushes the heavy block, sticky impaction found on the floors of heavy engineering industries, bus depots and railway locoshades can be effectively removed in the shortest period of time.

With the three brush mechanism and planetary action incorporated in both the machines, the operator do not have physical fatigue and hence the machines can be operated for longer period of time.

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  • Robust and rigid construction to withstand rough handling.
  • Three-brush action for effective cleaning and operator ease.
  • Operator is not working against constant “slide” or pulls typical of single-brush systems, can work continuously without fatigue for a long time.
  • Central motor gives even brush pressure.
  • Brush action prevents cable snagging.
  • Floating brushes provide effective cleaning action of grout lines, slip-resistant floor covering and textured natural stone.
  • Forward - Reverse Switch increases brush life.
  • Due to centrifugal action cleaning solution trickles down from each bristle to reduce splashing.

  • Easy brush changing arrangement.
  • No "bloom" rings or halo effects to mar your floors after scrubbing.
  • Thorough shampooing is achieved with a single pass.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials for long life.
  • Non-stick wheels and bumper for a professional finish.
  • Multiple types of Brushes to suit different types of flooring and applications.
  • Scrubbing of hard-surface floors and carpet shampooing, polishing of vinyl and ceramic floors easily.
  • Dry Scarifying of oil-impacted floors found in Industrial Shop Floor, Rail Loco shades, Bus Depots.
Vacuum Cleaner

Available in Two Models

The 3 Brush System

A salient feature of Cleanfloor Scrubbing Machines is the 3-brush mechanism, incorporating a counter-rotating planetary action, which ensures a more thorough cleaning action with a greater operational control and a torque free action. This 3-brush system makes the operator's task much easier as it eliminates the tendency to "slide or Pull" which can be encountered with a single-brush machine. Reduces electrical Power Consumption.