Sump Cleaning

Our SUCOIL a Sump Cleaning & Oil Recycling Unit is a movable unit with a capacity of 200 litres. This machine is used in Heavy Duty Industrial areas for the purpose of collecting cutting oil along with chips, dust and other impurities. The time taken by this advanced mobile unit in order to complete the task is merely around 20 minutes. We also provide an accessory kit with the unit that includes collection hose, extension pipe and crevice nozzle with extension pipe.

Vacuum Cleaner

Salient Features

  • The unit acts as a heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner for sucking the contaminated coolant or cutting oil along with chips, dust and other impurities.
  • By a simple mechanical movement the machine is set to discharge clean, filtered coolant or cutting oil back to the sump of the machine.
  • Collection and filtration are immediate and simultaneous.
  • Special collection nozzles provided for cleaning and collection.
  • Total cycle time for collecting and filtration of 200 litres is approximately 20mins.
  • Particles up to 20 microns size can be trapped by the swarf basket and /or filter bag.


  • Regular use also avoids foul smelling bacteria which causes irritation to human stun, resulting to cleaner and healthier working environment.
  • By regular use of the SUCOIL the change cycle of coolant can be extended.
  • SUCOIL promotes better oil handling and eliminates wastage through spillages.
  • It improves the quality of production of machine tools and also the machine tool life.
  • The machine saves expenses on cutting oils and coolants.
Vacuum Cleaner

Standard Accessories

Technical Specifications

Motor (Induction) H.P., 415V 5
Vacuum Producer Stage 8
Vacuum mm WG 2400
Air Displacement m3/Hr 360
Coolant Capacity Ltr. 200
Swarf Capacity Ltr. 12
Dimensions (mm) Length X Width X Height 2300 X 700 X 1550
Rated Current Amp. 7.5
Motor Speed RPM 2880
Turbine Speed RPM 7500
Drive V Belt