Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

The range of machine is designed to serve as the continuous source of vacuum for heavy industrial use.

Vacuum Cleaner

Standard Features Incorporated

  • Robust & Compact Design.
  • Rigid Tubular Steel Frame to withstand Rough Handling.
  • All steel Construction of Filter Chamber & Dust Collection Chamber.
  • Modification of Vacuum Producer Ranging from Three to Eight Impellers in Series depending upon Vacuum Requirement.
  • Depending upon Vacuum Requirement.
  • Fabric Filter with Manual Shaking Arrangement to Relieve Filter Clogging.
  • Units Driven By TEFC Induction Motors.
  • Electric Overload Protection by means of Automatic Motor Starters.


  • Heavy engineering industries for oil, chip & dust collection.
  • Fertilizer, pharma, power stations, food processing as basic source of vacuum.
  • Continuous Flux recovery system for submerged arc welding processes.
  • Vacuum degassing in foundries to avoid micro porosity in castings.
  • Centralised vacuum systems for collection of both fine & large particles.
  • As Hopper loader for plastic processing industries.
Vacuum Cleaner

Additional special purpose fittings which can be added to the basic machine include

Technical Specifications

Machine Vaclean-3 Vaclean-6 Vaclean-8
Motor 2 H.P. 3 H.P. 5 H.P.
Voltage 415 V 415 V 415 V
Vacuum Producer 3 Stage 6 Stage 8 Stage
Suction mm WG 1200 2200 2500
Air Displaceent (m3/Hr) 275 340 375
Capacity (Liters) 30 30 30
Approx Weight (Kg) 120 140 160